Members of the Anderson/Cullen SBU legacy family 

All 11 Anderson siblings 'bleed brown and white'

Many members of the Anderson-Cullen St. Bonaventure family gathered together during the summer of 2008 and took the above picture.

To date, there are 29 family members who are proud graduates of St. Bonaventure; some have dual degrees. This wonderful legacy began with Dr. Kenneth Anderson, a professor and administrator at Bona's from 1946 to 1985, and his wife, Agnes. 

Anderson served in many roles, including as professor of biology and microbiology, chair of the Department of Biology, dean of Arts and Sciences, dean of the Graduate School, and mentor to many professors and students.

All 11 of the Andersons' children attended St. Bonaventure.

"Our Anderson/Cullen family is a true legacy family," said Ken's daughter Joan (Anderson) Cullen.

"Our dad was affiliated with St. Bonaventure for nearly 50 years and we 11 children stayed true to his passion. Furthermore, we met husbands and wives at Bona's and my four children have graduated from Bona's--with two married to Bona alums."

Joan said her family has benefited greatly from the Bonaventure tradition.

"St. Bonaventure provided a great education for each individual in the many life paths we have chosen. This legacy has been our honor as our lives have been greatly enhanced by that indestructible 'Bonaventure spirit' and 'Bonaventure bond.' We are on this good journey forever. We will always bleed brown and white," Joan said.

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