Reunion Q & A

When is reunion?
June 5-7, 2015

Can anyone come?
All alumni are welcome to join us, but we will honor those with class years ending in 5 and 0, starting with 1945 through 2010.

I've never been to a reunion, what takes place during the weekend?
The weekend’s planned activities include class dinners, two breakfasts, picnic lunch, all-class cocktail party and buffet dinner, open houses, campus tours, golf, fun run, talks and more. Other activities available include use of a 6-mile paved recreation trail, and use of the Richter Center (fitness center) on campus. 

I want to stay on campus. Can I reserve a room now?
Campus accommodations will be available in late February 2015

Where can I find the names of those planning to attend Reunion 2015? 
The list will be up in October 

How much does the reunion cost?
Prices are not available at this time

I'd like to get a group of former roommates/classmates together, but I don't have their contact information. How can I find them?
Go to Bona's online at If you’re already a member, log in, or register as a new member. Bona’s Online members can search the online alumni directory for contact information. 

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