SHARE Bona's 

Supporters Helping Admissions Recruiting Efforts   
SHARE Mission

To enhance our student recruitment process through the support of volunteers, thereby helping St. Bonaventure University recruit top quality students.

Interested in sharing your "Bonaventure experience" with others? Often, our best recruiters are those who share personal stories with prospective students.  

You can help by volunteering to:

  • Attend college fairs
  • Participate in the annual letter writing program
  • Contact prospective students
  • Contact/visit your local high schools
  • Refer qualified students from your area

You might also consider:

  • Hosting an event
  • Assisting the Admissions Team with recruitment and yield events on campus or at events in your area
  • Listing your name and contact information on the SBU Admissions Web site and/or allow it to be given to prospective students who ask for an alumni contact
  • Sharing information/materials about SBU with civic organizations and places of spirituality
  • Encouraging students to visit campus
  • Encouraging your friends to volunteer and to join SHARE Bona’s

Partner with the SBU Admissions Office and serve as a SHARE Bona's Volunteer.